Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Stuff to do with Kids

I have pretty much been healing all summer from child birth, broken arm, surgery.. it just keeps getting better! I have yet to start a great exercise routine because when one dr. tells me I can, another one tells me I can't.  SO we've been doing some fun summer stuff with the kids. Here's a list of things we've done and some we haven't yet:

Water blob
Name Art
Princess Hair
Footprint Keepsake
Taco in a Bag
Elephant Toothpaste
I Spy Bottle 
Time out Bottles
Hand Print Tree

Elephant Toothpaste, We just had regular over the counter hydrogen peroxide, but it still worked. 

Giant box "spaceships"

Piece of chalk "microphone"

Fishing with grandpa

Made it into the newspaper at the kick-off for reading library shin-dig. They are on the ride behind the main guy. 

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  1. I looks like you have been having some fun even with the challanges you have had. It can only go up from here. I admire you and my sister who have had NICU babies. I know it makes you stronger.