About ME

I am a twenty something mom/student/wife.  Like most women, I struggle with my self-image and self worth.  I hate how I envy my past-self and need to move forward to feel happy with who I am!

My daily stresses are not any worse then your average mother. I wake up, feed kids, clean house, run errands, drop off, and pick up.  When it's not summer break throw homework, studying, and teaching into that mix.  Time is not something I am used to having so eating/cooking healthy and finding time to exercise can seem like more effort than it is worth.

I suppose I should mention somewhere that I have diabetes. Not type II. Type I. I am not morbidly obese, I can't make it "go away" by eating right and losing weight. I will always and forever be stuck to my insulin pump. 

I am tired of TV shows and the media portraying people with diabetes as morbidly obese, sad, sick people.  I'm not saying that the disease is all roses, and that there aren't things I can do to control my blood sugar better (diet, exercise, etc.), but it's not something I DID or DID NOT do that gave me the diagnosis. 

 I am the second oldest and this is an oldest to youngest picture so if you can't figure out who I am than.... I had a hard time finding a "full body shot" so this is what you get :) Cute huh?