Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As a women I do as most women do. I hate myself. Frequently. It's unhealthy, unsatisfying and unproductive.  

I have been wanting to start a "weight loss" blog for a really long time but am afraid that I will fail at it therefore adding to the list of "un's" (unfinished, uncompleted, you get the idea).  So instead of attempting weight loss I am going to start eating healthy, exercising and most important of all LOVING MYSELF for who I am.  Love my voluptuous size 15-16, stop envying my pre-baby, pre-college body and enjoy the journey to a PERMANENT healthier lifestyle. 

EATING: I found a FREE website that helps you keep track of what you eat.  I used to be an avid member of weight watchers and was pretty successful at it, but it is SO EXPENSIVE to continue to be a member of it, when I quit I did okay for a couple of years and then the stresses of life pushed me to several TWIX a day so I am *almost* back to my pre-weight watchers weight... which depressed me. So I feel that I need to keep track of what I eat, in order to get a better idea of what sort of things I need to change. 
EXERCISE: Any self-respecting human being will tell you that EXERCISE is the key to success when you are trying to lose weight or feel good about yourself.  But as stated before, I am struggling to respect myself. THEREFORE this one is going to be tricky for me (baby steps...?).  I have an unused treadmill sitting in my basement beckoning to be used. I will use it.  I will jump on the trampoline and play with my kids. I will walk instead of drive to the mailbox/church/library. 
SELF WORTH: A friend once told me that I needed to look in the mirror and tell myself three things I LOVE about myself everyday.... and not just me in front of the mirror thinking how awesome I am, I need to SAY IT OUT LOUD. Sounds crazy. I know. But I need all positive mental energy I can muster might as well give it a try.  Alright. This is where I may get a little preachy. But that's who I am so deal with it. First things first, I need to do what I need to be doing i.e. reading scriptures, praying, going to church. 

SO there's the plan. On your mark. GET SET. GO.


  1. We are all aware of our bodies and when we want or need to change some part of them. I love your attitude about just loving what we are. At the end of April I finally hit rock bottom (meaning I knew I needed to change... and actually wanted to). So I started eating better and exercising. I made realistic goals for myself and have had success. Although I want to lose 60 pounds, it just seemed way too daunting. So instead of being discouraged, I made a goal of losing 10 pounds a month. In six months I'll be where I want to be. I've lost 20 pounds and feel so much better. With having a realistic goal, I can still enjoy eating and every so often I can be a little bad. I actually enjoy weighing in each week. Good luck to all of us... and let's enjoy life instead of hating it.

  2. Good for you Heather!! That's awesome! I've done Weight Watchers before, and think I'm gonna start it up again this summer b/c my diabetes has been SUCKING lately ... Realistic goals is KEY!!! Thanks for posting!