Thursday, June 16, 2011


I think it is amazing how helpful this blog has been to me and I haven't even been at it for a week.  Writing can be so therapeutic.  It might also be the fact that I am forcing myself to say three nice things about me everyday. 

Last night I hosted a "Ladies Night In" and we made home-made facials then watch "The Young Victoria". I think I need to make it a monthly ritual, it's nice to pamper yourself every once in awhile, it's good for self-esteem :)

Today's Eating Update:

I love ice-cream. Any "diet" or lifestyle change WILL have ice-cream in it.  When I am serious about weight loss I switch to FROZEN YOGURT. I will also admit I am easily swayed my commercials. SO I went out and bought some Magnum ice-cream. It did not hold up to expectations. ~sigh~ The outside dark chocolate was amazing but the ice-cream was no Häagen-Daz. 

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!! :D:D We already had a wonderful round of family bowling and now it's time for some one on one with my Man! YAY! I think I will take this opportunity to dress up, not just for him but for ME! I love having an excuse to dress up and with any luck at all it won't back-fire and I end up looking fat in everything I own.  (Positive Mental Attitude....)

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