Monday, August 22, 2011


It seems like right before school starts I force myself to finish the unfinished projects that are stashed away and I start some new ones because I know I won't have any time to do it later.

After completely failing at an attempt for a skirt, I started THIS project because I am good at crocheting, and hey I think it's cute.

Sure I might look like a dork in it, but i twill keep my head warm and I am sure SOMEONE out there will think it's cute. :)

I have also started gathering the pieces for the children's Halloween costumes. I will have an Ash Ketchum this year. Simple enough.  No real "costume" needed just a red trucker hat and a blue vest with some jeans. I am also making some felt Pokeballs :) Yeah. He's going to rock.

AND Little miss wants to be Strawberry shortcake. A little more complicated than the Pokemon trainer, but still not exactly a "costume" I found a pink striped shirt at Old Navy that I think will be just perfect, and a couple of ribbons with a straw hat that was free (YAY!) She will look so cute.

I have found that having projects helps me to stay busy and happy. Being bored can lead to some self-destructive things.... for instance remember my blog about OREOS?!?! Well I haven't done that in a while and I think it's because I've been busy!! YAY!!

School shopping 
Trips to IKEA
family day
Halloween costumes
silly hat beanie
failed skirt 
Weight Watchers
sister visiting
Girls Night In party

Yeah, I would say that is a pretty satisfying list of "to dos" I mean honestly when school starts I highly doubt I will have time for much more than my sweet sweet children.  Hopefully I don't lose sight of my self-worth in the madness of it all :)

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