Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One good way to feel good about yourself is to get off your derriere and do something for someone else. Not the regular make dinner, do dishes, vacuum rooms, stuff that mom's always get to do. That can  sometimes feel like slave work not service (even though it is...). 

This week I my neighbor had her baby! YAY!! A little bit too early, he wasn't quite done cooking. So between trips back and forth to the hospital we were able to provide a bit of service for her cute family!

Tonight I am hosting a "Girls Night In" where we will be doing our nails and eating tasty treats! What a great service it is to get together with friends and have conversations with adults!

I also found this WONDERFUL blog The Dating Divas and have remembered how important it is to serve the people we love the most! I have plans to make THIS for my sweet husband and it makes me feel really good just thinking about all of the things I love about him. 

There are all sorts of things we can do for other people! I'm sure you've heard that sometimes people put others people down to make them feel better about themselves, but what about doing the opposite!? Do something AMAZING and NICE for someone else to make you feel better about YOURSELF. Doing a bit of service is good for the soul. 


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