Friday, September 16, 2011

My husand.

This is going to be a bit sappy, and short too. But I'm sure you won't mind :)

Pretty much this week has been beyond beyonding kinds of stressful. Between studying for tests, going to meetings, V cutting M's hair, Kindergarten homework (who knew kindergartners had so much homework), and regular mom business, Mr. R has been amazing.

He brought home flowers the moment he knew I was freaking out about my week, and they have been a lovely reminder of how much he loves every time I look at them.

He also discovered the white board marker that has been sitting on the bathroom counter and been leaving me silly/cute notes on the mirror next to my vocabulary words.

He has dropped off and picked up kids when I have been to burnt out to go on with my day.

He's dropped off and picked up ME after my 6:30 class.

Pretty much I love this dude. He has totally made my life a bit easier.

Thank you Mr. R. :)

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