Saturday, September 24, 2011

SO as you all know I started Weight Watchers again. ~yay~ THIS time I am doing it a little more CAREFULLY. My goal weight isn't ridiculous and I don't intend to be a size eight. I give myself a little more freedom so I don't feel deprived. SO FAR, I have lost 8lbs. I know, not a lot, but I can tell you that my blood sugars have been significantly better :)

I posted some new Diabetic Friendly recipes, go check them out. I am trying to make a bunch of frozen dinners for my family so we quit going out for pizza, throwing noodles in a pot, and staring blankly into the fridge for something to eat. I also had the GOOD FORTUNE of getting a FREE deep freezer from a friend who was moving (Thanks RACHEL!!) and I have taken it upon myself to make DINNER TIME EASIER for my family when I am not home (see, I can be a good mom, even if I'm not around). 

This Weeks Adventure:

The girl got a new bed. A lovely bed with drawers.  
It needed a mattress so I bought (what I thought) a mattress for her at Sears. 
When it came, it was not a mattress. 
It was just box springs. 
it was too big for her bed. 

Turns out the bed was built for a BUNK BED sized mattress (3 inches SMALLER) then a REAL TWIN BED. 

The boy's mattress fit HER bed and the new box spring fit HIS bed.
we are still one mattress short.
SO we went to the mattress store. 
bought a REGULAR TWIN SIZED mattress for the boy. 
Problem solved. 

In the parking lot of The Mattress Store Mr. R and I revved our motors and giggled 
(we took 2 cars, one for the kids, one for the mattress).

So we did a bit of research and basically ended up spending $300 on a new bed for the boy. 
Ew. Ew. Ew. 
This bed better last him the rest of his life. HIS LIFE.  

Also Mr. R wrote this note on our mirror the other day and it made me feel super good. 
I laughed. 

Laughing sure helps with the stress :) 

I love my family.

ALSO Today is the Relief Society General Conference session. It is so uplifting and I always leave with a smile!! :) YOU should check it out!!

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