Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This week has been a crazy week. Between Dave’s work, my work (the last of my “two weeks notice”), worrying about where those DARN library books went, what is for dinner in this insanely hot and humid weather (HUMID?!?! I thought I lived in a desert!?!), getting pulled over, and finding money to get the car registered so we won’t get pulled over again. 
I haven’t COMPLETELY fallen off the face of the planet. 

After coming home from an AMAZING bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law my cousins car broke down in my driveway (really it started smoking and we found some coolant and then it was better) my neighbor from across the street came over and asked me if I have lost weight (which I haven’t). BUT IT FELT SO GOOD. 


Someone said to me something that STUCK.  "You should never keep a complement to yourself." Even if it’s for a person you’ve never met. Complements were meant to be given.  You never know how good you will make someone feel.  If a pregnant women looks like a glowing soon-to-be mother of awesomeness, then TELL HER.  If you’re child is doing an EXCELLENT JOB AT ANYTHING, let him or her KNOW.  Good food, cute shoes, nice haircut, lost weight, clean house, beautiful yard, even the smallest complement can mean the world to someone.  Life is hard enough, let’s help each other out and make each other feel good!

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