Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grocery shopping

The first step to eating right is buying healthy food... well it seems like a logical first step.  So today as I pushed my cart down the isles of the grocery store, I tried to find low carb snack-y things, low fat things, and things that didn't have scientific words for ingredients. 

I love salad so I picked up some spinach, Craisins, almonds, clementines and low fat poppy seed salad dressing. I ate it for lunch. Yum.

Finding snacks that are "diabetic" friendly is tricky. I hate having to stick with the regular ol' carrot sticks dipped in some low-fat monstrosity that I had to buy in bulk for some reason.  It's boring. This shopping trip I settled for more fruit than veggies because a lot of things are in season like melons and berries.

For dinner this week I am planning on white bean chili, Thai lettuce wraps (not this recipe.. my sister has a better one but it's something like this), fruity curry chicken salad, chicken and rice, and of course leftovers.

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